Copper Lozenge / Peanut Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

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The copper lozenge sweet iron snaffle (also known as the copper french link bradoon) is one of the most popular bits we sell. The copper lozenge sweet iron snaffle is useful for horses with large tongues or small mouths, as the lack of nutcracker action helps them to stay more settled. The double joint is often favoured by horses as the lack of palette pressure makes the bit more comfortable and relieves pressure on the horses bars. The lozenge snaffle is very similar to the french link, but the smooth central lozenge gives a slightly more positive action on the tongue than the flat plate of the french link. The mixture of sweet iron and copper help almost all horses to salivate, relax and have a more relaxed and supple jaw which helps control and communication with the rider.

Copper lozenge sweet iron snaffle features: Double jointed bit similar to a french link but with a smooth lozenge in the middle for a slightly more positive action on the tongue Available in sizes: 11.5cm(4.5") 12.5cm(5") 14cm(5.5") or 15cm(6")
Can be used in dressage competitions Sweet iron and copper combination in the horse mouth helps to keep the mouth soft and relaxed Bit strength: fairly mild Please note that this bit will start to oxidise once used as this is the nature of this metal and why it is used.